Sharon Thompson Energy Expert                                                                                          30th October 2020


Most people don’t even use their conservatory for half the year, largely due to the poor energy efficiency of old roofs.

A conservatory that’s baking in the summer and freezing in the winter is a common thing for many. Not only is this an inefficient use of space in your home, but an inefficient use of energy and heat, meaning that your old roof could be driving up your heating bills.

Conservatory roofs can now be replaced separately, using modern materials and technology, allowing you to replace or upgrade your roof and enjoy the benefits all year round.

Greater temperature control

The original poly-carbonate roof that conservatories first came installed with aren’t up to scratch anymore. As soon as extreme temperature arrives, your conservatory turns into a freezer or greenhouse.

Many new conservatory roofs reduce glare from the sun, so your conservatory won’t overheat. They are also draught-free and won’t let any heat escape – meaning you save money on your heating bills.

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Add value to your home

On top of adding living space to your home, a new conservatory roof also adds value by adding aesthetics.

Previously, you had to put up with unsightly damp spots or mould build-up because you could not replace the roof separately. As technologies have advanced, this is no longer a problem.

This means that your conservatory can look and perform at its best, adding to your home’s value.


Costs a fraction of the price of a new conservatory

You don’t have to shell out for a whole new conservatory just because your old roof is inefficient! Instead, a new or upgraded roof is a far better and far cheaper option.

A new roof will increase your conservatory’s comfort levels as well as your home’s value. Bring your conservatory back to life and let the whole family enjoy it, whatever you use it for.


In conclusion

Conservatories can be very expensive to own, especially as they begin to deteriorate. Servicing a conservatory roof can be extremely time consuming, costly, and if done poorly, can significantly damage your house value.

Upgrading your roof with modern materials can help to extend the life of your conservatory, and by getting a free no obligation quote, you can be sure you’re getting the best price.


Is your conservatory eligible? 

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