Making the most of your conservatory space

Dorset Conservatory Roof

Practical tips for making the best of your conservatory living space A conservatory can be a great addition to your home, creating extra space, a bright and airy feel, and a way of visually connecting the outside of your house with the interior, especially during shoulder seasons like autumn and spring. In theory. But the […]

Stay warm and help the environment at the same time

Conservatory insulation

Stay warm and help the environment: why insulating your house and conservatory is good for the planet We know that climate change is happening. The evidence is overwhelming: our world is getting warmer, and atmospheric increases in CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gases due to human activity are contributing to this problem. Research also confirms […]

What benefits can a conservatory have for your home?

Conservatory Interior

What factors should you consider before building a conservatory? There is no doubt that a building a conservatory is a big decision. You will need to weigh up financial considerations carefully to ensure it makes long-term sense. Questions around construction and planning requirements should be factored into your thinking, as well. This may leave you […]

How to manage the temperature of your conservatory.

Conservatory Roof Northamptonshire

Too hot, too cold: common issues with conservatories Conservatories have been a popular addition to homes across the UK for many years, with an estimated 18% of all households in England now having a conservatory or glazed extension,  according to a government survey carried out in 2013. They are meant to be a light, airy, […]

Conservatory Roof Replacement- A Small Investment for Hefty Savings


We know, you love your sunroom. Your small and sleek conservatory serves as your solace destination. The space bestows all the soothing vibes that you crave for a peaceful existence. Moreover, many people take these rooms as additional living rooms, making it easy to entertain guests and enjoy a quality time with beloved family. Now, […]

Rainwater Harvesting a Smart Eco-friendly Choice

All Seasons Roof

As the average household Water Bills are set to rise for the April 1st 2018 has announced the UK government, many Brits are turning to Eco-friendly alternatives such as Rainwater Harvesting. According to, the percentage increase in Bournemouth in 2018/19 will be about 4.35%. Why should everyone care about rainwater harvesting? Rainwater harvesting captures and […]

Dorset Blind Sponsored Row

Having spent some time researching Dorset charities we have recently decided to sponsor Dorset Blind for the amazing work they achieve to help people with impaired vision. We would like to say a BIG THANKYOU to a few of our staff members Kayleigh Smithers, Dean Robertson, Karl Stewart, James Mcronald, and Charles Broadbent for offering […]