Ultimate Guide to Conservatory Temperature Control


Is your conservatory too cold to stand in the winter? Or maybe it gets ridiculously warm in the summer? Conservatories have a reputation for never being at the perfect temperature and always being at the extremes. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. In this guide, we’re going to help you turn your conservatory […]

Conservatory lifestyles

Modern life is hectic, and trying to find a few moments in between the mayhem to relax can feel near impossible. Even home doesn’t always bring relief when there are people coming and going, housework is piling up, and mess seems to crowd the surfaces and floors. We believe in the importance of keeping your […]

Home office ideas

More and more of us are working from home than ever before – renting office space can be expensive, and remote work is increasingly common. So, whether you’re self-employed or used to the office lifestyle, you may be adjusting to setting up shop in the house. The problem with having a home office, however, is […]

What Is Energy Efficiency and How to Improve It in Your Home?

Who hasn’t heard the term “energy efficiency” being used these days? You’ll see it everywhere from buying large appliances to skimming hashtags on social media. It’s definitely a big buzzword, but what is it? Energy efficiency is ultimately doing more with less. An energy-efficient fridge will cool just as well as a non-energy efficient competitor, […]

Planning and Building Control for Conservatories Explained

Conservatory roof insulation

If there is one thing you want to avoid, it’s a dust-up with the local planning department about whether or not your brand new conservatory is legal or not. The costs, not to mention the stress, will be sure to take the shine off your recently completed pride and joy. So, how exactly do you […]

Lighting the way with a better conservatory roof

Conservatory Roof Hampshire

When picturing the perfect conservatory, many people often start with a clear conservatory roof, either glass or polycarbonate. The truth, when it comes to a practical all year round space, is that a clear roof might be the wrong choice. A clear roof will let in lots of light, and this can become a real […]

Conservatory insulation, why should you care about ‘U’ values?

We often talk about how warm and comfortable a conservatory can be, but when it comes down to it, how do we quantify that? The answer lies in U-values. The U-Value is a measurement of how energy efficient the spaces in your home are. They’ll be different for each room, including your conservatory. I know […]

5 Tips for planning your conservatory

Conservatory Roof Upgrade Dorset

A new conservatory is no light undertaking. Yes, there is the financial perspective, but also the drive to get it exactly right. You’ll be spending many happy years in your conservatory, so you’ll want it to exceed your expectations. There’s a lot to think about, we covered a few of the thoughts of existing conservatory […]

Real conservatory owners talk about their experiences

The history of the conservatory starts off around the 1600s. Like a well-manicured garden lawn, they were signs of prosperity. If you had the spare space for things like conservatories and lawns, you had to be well off. Fast forward to the 1980s and their story took a different turn. Recognised as a great way […]

Clever ways to make your conservatory feel like a personal haven

Conservatories are popular for good reason. With the British weather being what it is, having a room that is cosy in the colder months, while being comfortable in summer, is bound to appeal to most. The best bit? That panoramic view of your garden! Beyond the design of the conservatory itself, and of course, the […]