CosyPanels or Blinds

CosyPanels have several benefits over blinds, as they are designed to provide superior insulation and can help to maintain a more stable temperature inside the conservatory. Some of the main benefits of installing CosyPanels are: 1. Improved insulation: CosyPanels are more effective at keeping heat inside the conservatory, which can help to reduce energy costs […]

Comparing CosyPanels with Window Film

CosyPanels and window film are both popular options for improving the energy efficiency and comfort of a conservatory or sunroom. However, they have some key differences in their benefits: Benefits of insulated CosyPanels: 1. Improved energy efficiency: CosyPanels are designed to provide better insulation than traditional glass roofs, helping to regulate the temperature in your […]

Rainwater Harvesting a Smart Eco-friendly Choice

All Seasons Roof

As the average household Water Bills are set to rise for the April 1st 2018 has announced the UK government, many Brits are turning to Eco-friendly alternatives such as Rainwater Harvesting. According to, the percentage increase in Bournemouth in 2018/19 will be about 4.35%. Why should everyone care about rainwater harvesting? Rainwater harvesting captures and […]

Dorset Blind Sponsored Row

Having spent some time researching Dorset charities we have recently decided to sponsor Dorset Blind for the amazing work they achieve to help people with impaired vision. We would like to say a BIG THANKYOU to a few of our staff members Kayleigh Smithers, Dean Robertson, Karl Stewart, James Mcronald, and Charles Broadbent for offering […]