Rainwater Harvesting a Smart Eco-friendly Choice

As the average household Water Bills are set to rise for the April 1st 2018 has announced the UK government, many Brits are turning to Eco-friendly alternatives such as Rainwater Harvesting.

According to bournemouthwater.co.uk, the percentage increase in Bournemouth in 2018/19 will be about 4.35%.

Why should everyone care about rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting captures and stores water from your property’s roof area which you can then later use to help maintain your gardening needs as a part of a movement toward sustainability. This is one of the simplest and easily achieved sustainable improvements that you can make on your home today.

Here in the UK we do not always manage our water particularly well. Which is why we experience hose pipe bans in summer months and a 2% national average as of 2018. By conserving your water, it puts you in really better control of maintaining your gardening needs all year round and save on water bills.

There are different types of rainwater harvesting systems

There are above ground, below ground, and even options for you to plumb into your grey water requirements. Grey water is a non-potable water which is generally used in WCS and washing.

Do’s and don’ts…

For above ground system, when stored water can be extremely heavy. Please consider that you have adequate support.

This can easily be achieved by siting on a patio area or a concrete base. But please remember that water mass is extremely heavy. We also have a quick calculation here which just shows capacity so you can actually account for all of your storage capacity requirements.

The GRAF Overground Rainwater Harvesting System incorporate an integrated plant cup that allows the tank to be planted up by the owner. Holes in the base of the plant cup ensure that excess water does not build up. So your plants stay happy in the long term. To prevent soil particles entering the rainwater tank with the water, a suitable filter fleece is supplied as standard.

There are basically three areas where rainwater can be used:

  1. Irrigation use

  2. Indoor, non-potable use

  3. Whole house, potable use

Here are some ideas for specific uses of rainwater:

  • Hand water your lawn and garden

  • Connect rainwater collection system to an irrigation/sprinkler system

  • Wash your vehicles

  • Wash your pets

  • Refill your fountains and fish ponds

  • Refill your swimming pool

  • Replace the use of tap water with rainwater to wash your driveways and sidewalks (if you don’t use a broom)

  • Use it for all indoor non-potable fixtures (toilets and clothes washer)

  • Use it for all potable needs when properly filtered and disinfected

  • Use it for industrial processes instead of municipally treated water

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