Clever ways to make your conservatory feel like a personal haven

Conservatories are popular for good reason. With the British weather being what it is, having a room that is cosy in the colder months, while being comfortable in summer, is bound to appeal to most. The best bit? That panoramic view of your garden!

Beyond the design of the conservatory itself, and of course, the importance of making it dry and comfortable all year round is how you put your own personal stamp on the room.

Interior Design

If you’re anything like us, getting your conservatory looking perfectly in tune with your personal style is an important part of the design process.

Furniture is going to be the first point of order when it comes to the design of the conservatory. At its heart a conservatory is a connection between the inside and outside. This means natural materials are a popular choice. Woods and plants such as rattan, bamboo, pine, and oak all make great choices.

Once the main furniture ideas have been made you can focus on the little touches that will really pull the room together. Throws, soft furnishings, and accessories really let you add character.

How you plan on using your conservatory will dictate the options you might want to consider. Looking for intimate dining for dinner parties? Consider upholstering the dining chairs in dark, rich, fabrics.  Want a brighter space for relaxing in the day time? Dedicate more space to comfy seating and add some floral patterns to keep things lively and fun.

Lighting the space

Lighting is the perfect way to tie your chosen design together. Conservatory positioning, whether it’s North or South, will have a big say of how you need to approach lighting. Likewise, your conservatory roofing solution will impact the need for more or less artificial light.

If you’ve opted for a modern, more minimal, design style then consider wire lighting. Creative styles can be found by making the bulb itself the star of the show. Likewise, LED lighting can create great, albeit more subtle, distributed lighting effects.

Go classic with pendant lights and a show-stopping shade that makes it a focal point.

Match your lifestyle with smart gadgets

Like any room in the home, your conservatory should match your lifestyle.

Smart window blinds are a great place to start. Their movement is electronically controlled from a remote control, or your phone, so no need to get up to lower or raise them. It sounds lazy, but you’ll be thankful once you got all comfy with your cuppa and don’t want to move. And because they are “smart”, they can automatically raise and lower as the sun changes position.

Glazing and lighting can also be brought up-to-date. Windows and doors can be motorised and the lighting can be automatic.

These little touches might not be your style, but for some, they really add to the feel of the space.

Setting the priorities So, once you’ve got a dry and comfortable conservatory, the world is your oyster. You can customize your space so it meets your needs perfectly. If you’ve got a conservatory that is currently too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, damp, or drafty then why not give us a call to see if we can help. Then you can get on with making it your perfect haven.