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    Stop the Elements from Affecting Your Conservatory

    A conservatory is a great place to relax and spend time with the people you love but this won’t stop the elements from gradually taking their toll. Without quality roofing, not only will the effects of condensation start to creep in but harsh light from the sun will begin to ruin your furniture.

    The growing popularity of working with lightweight roofing materials has been motivated by a variety of advantages that have persuaded both roofers and DIYers that lightweight tiles are smarter, more affordable roofing solutions.

    Lightweight roof tiles are tiles that tip the scales below 20kg. Working with lightweight roof tiles is a more straightforward and more cost-effective option for roofing works. Other advantages of lightweight roofing tiles include simple installation, durability, water safety and proven resistance to adverse weather conditions.

    The construction of lightweight roof tiles makes them much more suited to weatherproofing houses, offering higher weather efficiency under severe conditions compared to more massive tiles. Usually, lighter tiles will keep the roof weather stable longer than the clay roof, which is more likely to break.

    When all these qualities are taken into account, it is no wonder that the use of lightweight roof tiles on conservatories, new buildings and home renovation is on the rise.

    Roofing your conservatory with these tiles makes economic sense, as the often lower costs associated with lightweight titles would save you money. Besides, conservatories and outbuildings are often reluctant to use heavy roofing materials due to the burden they exert on the frame. Lightweight tiles are also the best alternative for conservatory tiles.

    As far as choices are concerned, Lightweight roofing tiles offer as much flexibility as slate and plain tiles, in some cases providing even more variety.

    Whether you have an existing conservatory roof that requires an updated look or you want this living space to be more comfortable, modern and protected, we have a lightweight roofing solution that’s right for you.

    Replacing your current conservatory roof with lightweight roofing usually requires building control permission and several days of installation. If you would prefer a roofing solution that offers a quicker, cleaner and simplified installation, you may want to consider our CosyPanels solution instead.

    Get A Temperature Controlled Conservatory In A Flash

    Why install All Seasons Roof Lightweight Tiled Roofing?

    • Reduce the risk of timber rot. Wood and moisture are not a long-term match, but you can keep moisture to a minimum with the right roofing
    • Prevent mould and mildew. This common complaint can be avoided by choosing tiles that are designed to keep heat in and moisture out
    • Regulate temperatures. Keep your conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer by replacing your outdated glass and polycarbonate roofing with a modern, lightweight alternative
    • Reduce sun bleaching. Protect your furniture from the long-term effects of harsh UV rays by replacing glass panels with quality roofing
    • 40 Year Guarantee. Industry leading 40 year guarantee on All Seasons Roof lightweight tiled roofing

    Cooler in Summer,
    warmer in Winter

    Lower heating and air
    conditioning bills

    Hygenic, easy to clean and
    virtually maintenance free

    Reduce sun bleaching of
    furniture and carpets

    Reduce condensation

    Energy Efficiency

    Our Promise is Guaranteed

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    If your conservatory is suffering from extremes in temperatures, unwanted glare. If you’ve tried everything
    and now your ready find the solution that really works. Were ready to help and no matter what shape or size of conservatory,
    we continue to help homeowners gain control and really start to enjoy there conservatory they deserve.

    Tile Colour Examples

    The uPVC insulated board that we use is 40% lighter than wood, offers better insulation and is long lasting. Our materials are not porous, and therefore absorb no moisture, proving an ecologically friendly and inexpensive solution that is fully waterproof and offers better heating and protection than timber. It is, of course, Building Control approved for added peace of mind.
    Our range of coloured composite slates are made with a limestone and resin mix. Our colour range allows us to colour match existing roof achieving a beautiful result. Choosing the right slate is an important challenge that our consultants have vast experience in they will sit with you and talk you through the colour ranges available showing you in person the colours and the amazing quality of these lightweight alternatives, perfectly balanced for conservatory roofs.

    Happy Customer Reviews

    Wish I had done this years ago, can’t believe the difference. The Team were professional and tidy. The installations department kept me informed throughout the whole process, I have already recommended my neighbour
    Mr & Mrs Mathews
    We are delighted with our dealings with the company. The initial visit, survey, pricing through to installation by a team of hard working men who completely understood the task, reflects the company in an excellent light and the experience was pleasant without inconvenience.
    D Moore
    The team arrived on time and worked very hard, very professional. We were surprised how quickly the roof took shape and love how warm it is now
    Mr & Mrs Webster
    I was very pleased with the man that did the job. His name is Costa. He only had help for three hours on Monday. The rest he did on his own. He is very polite and he has done a very good job.
    Y Genockey

    Answers to Common Roofing-Related Questions

    If your conservatory roofs isn’t a standard size or you’ve already expanded the thermal envelope of your home, building control might be required. The cost of building control varies and depends on previous workmanship as well as the systems that were installed in recent years. Our team will provide you with more information on all aspects associated with building control during our site visit.

    In most instances, installing a new conservatory roof is a permitted development project. However, we will provide you with a more definitive answer during our visit.

    This depends on the design of the conservatory roof. In many instances, heavier roofing is not a good match, which is why we’ve spent time searching for the best lightweight alternative.

    In general, we don’t recommend timber due to its added weight and the fact that it doesn’t mix well with moisture, especially when it’s attached to metal framework which will cause it to bridge and rot over time.

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