How conservatory insulation helps keep comfort up and costs down

Planning a new conservatory, or tackling existing problems with your current one? Then you’ll know that the planning can be full of detail. To make sure you get exactly what you want, you’ll be considering not just headline items like price and style, but how your conservatory will perform in the next 10 or 15 years.

Ongoing costs

Ongoing costs of a conservatory include heating, cooling, and maintenance. If a conservatory costs too much to run, it’s going to become a problem. Many people find that their conservatory space requires a lot of heat in the winter and cooling in the summer. Managing the temperature of your conservatory means getting the materials used in its construction right.

A well designed and well built conservatory won’t have many long-term costs, but one that has design issues might well do. Condensation can ruin sofas and blinds, creating wet spots, encouraging mould. You may also begin to see mildew and condensation damage to any fabric or wooden items in the space. This will need to be professionally cleaned or, worst case, replaced entirely.

Considering your comfort.

A conservatory should be a comfortable place to be in all year round, or you’re not getting the most from your money. The feeling of comfort will mostly come from the light, the temperature, and the humidity. Getting all these factors spot on means a cosy and comfortable place to spend time with family and friends. Getting it wrong means piling on extra clothes in the winter and being uncomfortably hot in the summer.

Getting the building materials, especially the roof, on song with how you plan on using the space is a sure way to get years of enjoyment from your conservatory.

Practical ways to get the perfect conservatory

A great way to get lower costs and better comfort is getting the roof of your conservatory in great shape. Modern materials, such as our CosyPanels, make sure the temperature remains just right all year round, keep moisture at bay, and provide a great seal to protect from drafts.

With the environment of your conservatory so well controlled, you’ll be far more comfortable. Plus, you can decorate the space to your liking without the worry of damp sofas and mouldy blinds. You’ll spend far less time wiping away mildew and condensation, so more time to enjoy relaxing.

The cherry on top is the fact your overall costs will be reduced. An energy efficient conservatory means lower heating and cooling costs.

So, all the planning will be worth it! You’ll have a comfortable and relaxing conservatory that won’t cost you too much to use all year round.

Even if your current conservatory is falling short of your expectations, don’t worry. A new roof can often be put in place that brings all the advantages we’ve outlined above.

If you’d like to talk about how your conservatory can become a space you love to spend time in, year round, just get in touch with us. We’ve got a range of solutions and our expert team can help with new builds, or overcome any problems you might have with your current setup. From our base in Dorset, we transform conservatories that are too hot or too cold, giving you a beautiful living space. We are happy to perform a survey on your property.