Lighting the way with a better conservatory roof

When picturing the perfect conservatory, many people often start with a clear conservatory roof, either glass or polycarbonate.

The truth, when it comes to a practical all year round space, is that a clear roof might be the wrong choice. A clear roof will let in lots of light, and this can become a real problem.

All that light means lots of heat. In the summer, with the sun directly overhead, space can quickly heat up to unbearable temperatures. In the colder winter months, the heat from the radiators is lost more readily when it hits the glass.

A product, like our CosyPanels, overcomes all these issues is one fell swoop. Our customers often ask “Won’t covering the ceiling make the space too dark?” CosyPanels have been specially designed to ensure that light from the windows is reflected back into the room in a balanced way, creating a well lit but comfortable amount of light.

Contrast this with a clear roofed conservatory where the sun actually creates a hindrance, with hard glare making it too bright to be pleasant.

While other options do exist, they all come with compromises that make them a less attractive option. Blinds will collect dust (and then release it when retracted or extended) and need to be cleaned regularly. They also offer far less thermal efficiency than a CosyPanel roof, so you find controlling temperatures harder.

So, from a practical perspective, a solid roof brings many benefits. CosyPanels represent an advanced modern engineered solution that’s been designed with the comfort of conservatory owners in mind. They produce a pleasing vaulted design on the ceiling and make a year-round conservatory an easy and affordable goal.

With the hard glare of the sun controlled, your soft furnishings and flooring will last better, too. The direct light coming in from the windows will be at the beginning and end of the day, so is far less powerful.

A solid roof, then, brings with it a great number of benefits.

  • An insulated conservatory will have a more even heat and light profile that controls temperature and avoids glare and sun damage
  • Creates a year-round space that doesn’t overheat and is thermally efficient in the winter
  • Gives an attractive look to the interior and keeps the style of the conservatory
  • Offers a very cost-effective solution to common problems associated with solid roof conservatories


Our CosyPanels are quick to fit and can often be installed in one or two days. They are custom manufactured to your specific requirements and won’t require any structural changes so disruption is kept to a minimum. Call our installations department today and we can arrange a tailored assessment for you. The right conservatory roof will transform your conservatory and make it a true all-year-round space.