Making the most of your conservatory space

Practical tips for making the best of your conservatory living space

A conservatory can be a great addition to your home, creating extra space, a bright and airy feel, and a way of visually connecting the outside of your house with the interior, especially during shoulder seasons like autumn and spring.

In theory.

But the sad truth is that many conservatories, once built, end up being unuseable for large parts of the year. Instead of relaxing, warm places a family can make the most of, some are too hot come the summer months, or too cold, damp and unuseable in the winter. This means that conservatories across the country are relegated to glorified storage areas for wet clothes, boots, laundry, bikes, children’s toys, gym equipment, plants — you name it, things get thrown into these once attractive conservatory spaces and they cease to be a place where you can relax, enjoy and live.

There are solutions to this problem, however. Read on for our suggestions on how to make the most of your conservatory, and reclaim that space as your own.

Consider insulating the conservatory roof

If the main reason you aren’t using your conservatory is down to the building being too hot or too cold, there could be a simple solution to this problem. Conservatory insulation is an affordable and hassle-free way of regulating the temperature in a place that is too hot or too cold. Insulation solutions include better roofing, windows and doors, making your conservatory comfortable all year-round. Roof losing too much heat in the winter? Consider CosyPanels as a solution. The existing conservatory roof is covered with our CosyPanels, with an insulated core, which can be laid over the existing roof quickly and efficiently, stopping valuable heat from escaping.

A new roof could also stop leaks and damp, prevent overheating in the summer, and reduce UV roof glare. A reputable roofing specialist should be able to turn this around within a single working day, meaning you can start making the most of that conservatory sooner rather than later.

Finally, a new roof covering will have the added benefit of stopping the rays of the sun from bleaching and weakening any furniture you have in your conservatory, so you can feel free to redecorate without worrying your money will be wasted on furniture that will look tired and tatty after a single hot summer.

Conservatory flooring matters

Another way of ensuring your conservatory doesn’t lose too much heat in the winter is to investigate proper flooring. Carpet flooring is a great way of making a conservatory cosy and warm in the winter, and there are many rugs and runners available to match the look and feel you want, whether modern, country, neutral or something else. The downsides to carpeting is that, with a conservatory, access to the garden can mean mud and dirt get tracked in from outdoors, which makes keeping carpets clean something of an issue.

Laminate flooring or solid engineered wooden flooring is another option, making your space stylish, easy to sweep or hoover, and long-lasting. Finally, you could consider a tiled floor. If you have the budget, underfloor heating is also a great way of eliminating damp and keeping the space usable throughout the long British winter. These solutions, however, are only really worthwhile if you have a properly insulated, dry and temperature regulated space. Consider using proper flooring in combination with other insulation techniques to extend the life of your conservatory building.

Invest in some new conservatory furniture

Now that you’ve fixed the roof and the floor, it could be time to look at putting some new furniture in place. The type you choose depends on how you want to use the space. Need a new dining room? A solid oak dining table with upholstered chairs might be the way forward. Or, you could invest in some rattan or plastic furniture that will weather better in both heat and cold, if those are still an issue.

Want an extended garden room or living area? Rugs, couches, easy-chairs and cushions are the order of the day. Looking for something more modern? There are so many places you can search for inspiration, including Pinterest, Instagram or magazines like Ideal Home. Try and treat your conservatory like an extra room in your house, so anything you put in there furniture-wise should enhance your quality of living.

Add a dash of colour

Conservatories can suffer from too much glass and uPVC, making the space super bright and washed out, especially after a long hot summer. Try and put some colour back into your conservatory to make it warm and inviting again. This could be as simple as putting pops of colour on the walls like f artwork or curtains to give the space more depth and character. You could consider a bright, feature wallpaper on an adjoining wall, for example. If that isn’t an option, think about a block-coloured rug with matching cushions to accessorise. Bright lighting with colourful shades is also an option.ou could even go so far as to investigate a conservatory where the window frames and structure itself are a particular colour, though this would require a new build. These are just a few suggestions on how to reinvigorate your conservatory space. For more ideas, and to find out more about conservatory insulation, speak to our team of experts today. Simply call 0800 75 66 882, or visit our contact page.