Real conservatory owners talk about their experiences

The history of the conservatory starts off around the 1600s. Like a well-manicured garden lawn, they were signs of prosperity. If you had the spare space for things like conservatories and lawns, you had to be well off.

Fast forward to the 1980s and their story took a different turn. Recognised as a great way to add space to your home, given the UK planning laws are some of the most rigid in the world.

Thanks to advances in material technology, a well-built conservatory became an option for the serious DIY-er and for those who could afford to have one built.

However, all was not plain sailing. A lack of good forward-thinking, less than ideal craftsmanship, and poor selection of materials left some wishing they’d given the whole scheme a miss.

The good news is, in 2020, there is no reason to expect anything but a well-appointed, genuinely comfortable, conservatory that can be used all throughout the year (forget that “6 months of the year” myth).

If you’re planning a new conservatory, or want to fix issues with your current one, nothing tells the story better than the people who’ve already been through that process. We collected some stories from conservatory owners, about their real experiences.

Lydia and Chris, Okehampton, Devon.

Their 70’s property, a secluded detached two-story house, had the lean-to style conservatory added in the ’80s. “The style of the house doesn’t lend itself easily to a conservatory,” explains Lydia, “and it just looked a bit boxy. Like it was stuck on as a bit of an afterthought.” When they brought the property in 2015, they saw the potential for some changes to the space. Chris, an engineer, had some strong ideas about how to make things better, “The glass was poorly fitting and the door was pretty poor quality. The less said about the roof, the better!” he adds with a laugh. They added a modern insulated conservatory roof and replaced the frame. “It was almost a total rebuild, but worth it.” Lydia said, “Now we have a stable temperature and it stays dry and comfortable.”

The takeaway: No matter how bad you think things are; they can be improved to make your conservatory a great place to spend time.

Richard, Kettering, Northamptonshire

Richard’s new build was his first buy; his step onto the housing ladder. While it was a pretty compact property, the garden was one of the main draws. “The house is on the smaller side, but the conservatory packs a punch,” Richard told us. “When I have people over for dinner, we eat there. Plus I can relax and feel like I’m in my garden, even when I’m not!” The quality of the materials is everything, Richard loves the quality of the self-cleaning window glass and the insulated CosyPanels on the roof.

The takeaway: Go for the best quality you can and make sure to maximize the space. You’ll love the flexibility it gives you for entertaining and relaxing.

Ben and Paula, Reigate, Surrey

“We’ve lived here nearly 40 years now,” Ben told us, “we love it here and we’d be lost without our conservatory.” Their detached 1930’s house has a wonderful garden, and they’ve taken full advantage of that with the conservatory. “It’s larger than we first imagined,” Paula says with a grin, “I managed to talk Ben into something bigger, but it really paid off”. Since the kids left home, they now use the conservatory as a dining room, seating area, and TV room.

The takeaway : Maybe go a bit bigger if you can, it can really pay off in the future. With a larger space, you can be more flexible in the future. No matter what you imagine your perfect conservatory to be, All Seasons Roof can help make your dreams a reality. Call us today to talk about your ideas with one of our advisors.