5 Tips for planning your conservatory

A new conservatory is no light undertaking. Yes, there is the financial perspective, but also the drive to get it exactly right. You’ll be spending many happy years in your conservatory, so you’ll want it to exceed your expectations.

There’s a lot to think about, we covered a few of the thoughts of existing conservatory owners recently. The running theme is about how they use the space, how comfortable it is, and how adaptable it is to life’s twists and turns.

Our top five ideas for things to consider covers all the major aspects of your journey towards enjoying a year-round conservatory.

  1. Be clear about what you want to use it for

For some, a conservatory is a place to relax in the sun. For others, it’s a place to enjoy long lunches and dinner parties. Perhaps you want a calming space for tranquil yoga or fitness sessions?

No matter what, you need to be clear about how you plan to use it. Think long term also, will your needs change in 5 or 10 years?

2. Plan the inside decor before you plan the build itself

This sounds a little backward but bear with us. We’re not talking about the color of the cushions or material of the chairs, it’s more general than that. Are you planning on lots of plants? Do you want to place a large table for meals? Is there any specific visual equipment going in for watching movies?

Letting your architect know beforehand lets them plan the shape, size, and position of the conservatory to meet your needs exactly.

3. Planning on planning

One of the great draws of a conservatory is the perceived lack of planning permission that’s required. However, you should check. If you live in a listed building or preservation area, things might not be as simple as you’d hoped.

4. Have a cold, hard, budget

Sit down and be ruthless about what you can afford. Now break down the conservatory into all it’s separate elements. Consulting costs, like an architect. Building fees, including materials like specific wall styles or roofing requirements. Lastly consider lighting and interior decoration.

Don’t forget to create an ongoing set of costs for heating and lighting. There is nothing worse than a conservatory that costs too much to heat or keep cool. You’ll be surprised how price-effective a high-quality thermal solution can be. A great example of this are CosyPanels, for which All Seasons Roof are the sole UK distributor.

5. Style and positioning

Match the design to your home. A conservatory that sticks out like a sore thumb won’t go down well! This means both matching the style of your home but also giving careful thought to how to position the conservatory to maximum effect.

Depending on your outside space you may want views in particular directions and doors that lead out one way or another. These are all factors that need to be considered. A great first step is to talk to friends or family about their conservatories. Another useful option is to talk to experts in the industry. All Seasons Roof have been leaders in the new and upgraded conservatory sector for nearly 20 years. Our ‘no pressure’ philosophy means you can chat to us safe in the knowledge that we won’t hassle you later down the line. We’ll just give you good, honest, advice.